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Wu Jianzhi and his brother Wu Jianzao. [Photo/]

A letter written by a young man telling the story about him considering giving up a better college opportunity so that he can go to the same college as his armless brother and take care of him has gone viral on Chinese social media and touched many netizens, reported.

The 18-year-old Wu Jianzhi is a high school graduate in Qiaojia county of Zhaotong city, in Yunnan province. He has a brother, two years his elder, whose arms were amputated after an accident 14 years ago. Since then, they decided to study in the same school so that the younger Wu could take care of the elder Wu.

The younger Wu should be happy for he just sat the gaokao and scored 480, which means he could get admission in a university. But instead, concerns and worries filled his letter: His elder brother scored 404 points which means he will get admission in only junior colleges.

"Without me, my brother cannot continue his further study. I don"t want to ruin his dream,” the younger Wu said. But the elder Wu also doesn"t want his brother to sacrifice for him. "I don"t want to burden him, I"d rather give up my study," said the elder Wu. The brothers are struggling to make final decision.

The elder Wu writes notes with toes. [Photo/]

According to the report, Wu"s family depends on farming for a living. Their father has long been suffering from diabetes and osteonecrosis of the femoral head while their mother just got discharged from hospital for snakebite six months ago.

Early in 2006, the younger Wu took on more responsibility of his brother"s life. "My little brother has become part of me," the elder Wu said.

The younger also encourages the elder spiritually. "I can"t lose my dream just because of life"s problems. It would be life’s great happiness if I could do something for my family and the society," said the elder Wu.

The younger Wu"s virtue has won praise from Yunnan province and Zhaotong city.

A business school in Yunnan opened its doors to them after learning about their story. The brothers said they will consider the offer.

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